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Specialized services and options for virtual world projects. View Themes and Plugins included.

Wordpress Framework

Setup your website fast and easy with the world's most widely used content management system.

Community Building

Build a community for your project or business with tools like bbPress and Buddy Press.

E-commerce Capable

Build your metaverse store with virtual currency abilities and grow your brand.

Crowdfunding Platform

Create your own site for donations and crowdfunding to enhance your project or charity.

Educational Tools

Provide courses and learning tools to users with consolidated delivery and availability.

Shoutcast Hosting

Launch your radio presence with a stream and broadcast on your site.


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We seek to close the gap between virtual worlds and web presences.

Our Business

Metaverse Exchange is a product of Dover Business Exchange, a publicly traded virtual company on the Capital Exchange. Dover Business Exchange is a social project owned and operated by Touco Direct LLC. The product was created in response to there being a lack of available hosting and marketing tools for metaverse projects and businesses without giving up anonymity. MetaVX offers all the tools traditional real world users have while still maintaining personal information. This product is open to any grid operating but has most tools geared toward Second Life users.


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Our services range from Free sites for basic web needs to premium services including domain registration, shoutcast hosting, and ecommerce solutions. You can even register users from SL/OpenGrid metaverses! Plans are inexpensive and in line with virtual currencies.

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