New Feature – URL Shortner MVX.BE

Domain too long for posting group notices? MetaVX now has a built in URL shortener for your content. Each post will be issued a shortened URL for your notices and notecards as well as to share on social media. When creating a post or page, publish your work and your new shortened URL will be posted in the right column under YOURLs Keyword. It’s that simple!

You can use the shortner for your Gyazo content or other links you wish to post by going to and you can get your shortened URL in seconds! Your URL will be added to our database so that your shortened link will always work for your content. At some point, we will also include ranking information so you can see how your links are doing. This is valuable information for your content and we would like to make sure your site is a success.

Need help setting up your free site? Let us know!

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